Hi, my name is Kelvin Zhang. I am an aspiring software engineer and student from London.


The majority of my learning and work is with software engineering. Most of my work is with web development using the PHP web application framework, Laravel. I also enjoy Android app development and desktop application development.


When I'm not working with code, I spend my time working on expanding my knowledge of security research. By demonstrating my abilities with security research, I have received numerous acknowledgements from various companies, including Facebook. The skills I gain from learning security research are heavily applicable to the software I build.


Finally, my experience with Linux servers has allowed me to accumulate a large amount of knowledge with Linux server management. By managing multiple virtualization nodes on a daily basis, my experience with Linux server management is mainly in the field of virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ, KVM and VMWare.



July 2014 - present

Poniverse / Web Developer

Poniverse is an integrated supercommunity, spanning multiple fan sites, designed to serve the niches of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. As a web developer, I work with PHP/Laravel to maintain and develop code for the Poniverse network.

June 2015

Artificial Labs / Web Developer (Internship)

Artificial Labs is a London-based web development company. During my internship, I worked with PHP/Laravel to contribute to its projects and used platforms such as Nitrous.io, Blossom.io, Slack and many more.


July 2015 - Present

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships is a prestigious scholarship which identifies, inspires and nurtures future leaders in engineering. The scholarship provides me with many opportunities and support to further my aspiration of becoming a software engineer.

July/August 2015

Leangap Class of 2015

Leangap is a summer entrepreneurship programme for high school students located in Boston, where students build startup companies in six weeks from the ideation stage to funding.

2014 (Pending)

eBay Bug Bounty

Information on this will be updated once eBay patches the responsibly disclosed vulnerability.

November 2012

Facebook Bug Bounty

At thirteen years old, I was the youngest (according to this note) recipient of the Facebook bug bounty award. The acknowledgement and $2000 USD payout resulted from a bug being found in the Facebook Pages Manager app allowing users to view previous deleted posts which would otherwise be invisible to all users on Facebook.



PHP (inc. MySQL and Laravel) - Experienced

HTML/CSS/JS - Experienced

Python - Moderate

Java (inc. Android development) - Moderate


WHMCS, SolusVM and cPanel/WHM - Experienced

Linux CLI (inc. virtualization) - Experienced

Git (inc. GitHub and BitBucket) - Experienced



VMware Certified Associate - Datacenter Virtualization

VMware Certified Associate - Cloud


Personal Work

June 2016

AlphaBrick / PHP/Laravel + JS + Python

Winning the first place prize at the Cambridge Bio-Hackathon, a five day hackathon with a synthetic biology focus, AlphaBrick makes cloud labs more accessible through an intuitive interface and integration with cloud laboratories.
Website (Coming Soon)

March 2016

Beacon / Java/Android SDK

Beacon is an app which lets parents track the locations of their children and view their children’s SMS messages. This was built during the Qredo Hackathon and won the first place prize.
Source Code (GitHub)

September 2015

Flook / PHP/Laravel

Flook is a search engine for 3D files which allows the user to interact with the 3D model inside the browser. This was developed during HackGenY London 2015 and won the Autodesk prize and third place prize.
Source Code (GitHub)

August 2015

lifx-jasper / Python/Jasper module

lifx-jasper is a module for Jasper, a voice-based home automation platform, which allows a user to control their LIFX lights using their voice.
Source Code (GitHub)

June 2015

Panel for LIFX / AngularJS/Chrome App

Panel for LIFX is a cross-platform Chrome app for controlling LIFX smart bulbs with ease.
Source Code (GitHub)

June 2015

lifx-php / PHP/Laravel

lifx-php is a PHP package for the LIFX HTTP API.
Source Code (GitHub)

June 2015

Metrics / PHP/Laravel

Created during AngelHack London 2015, Metrics is a web application which uses the HP IDOL On Demand API to scrape news articles and Twitter feeds for a particular keyword (i.e., company name) and performs sentimental analysis in order to find trends in the positivity of the authors' comments.
Source Code (GitHub)

June 2015

articlebot / Python

articlebot is a Reddit bot which scrapes articles from chosen subreddits and posts the article in the comments.
Source Code (GitHub) | Example (/u/justicearticlebot)

February 2015

IsItAWeekOrBWeek.com / HTML/CSS/JavaScript

IsItAWeekOrBWeek.com is a website which lets students of Whitgift School check whether it is A week or B week.
Source Code (GitHub) | Website

February 2015

Balances for Whitgift School / PHP/Laravel, Java/Android SDK

Balances for Whitgift School is an unofficial Android app (with a PHP/Laravel backend) designed for students and parents of Whitgift School to check their catering balances and be notified if the balances are low. This is a vast improvement over 'Simple WisePay' and 'Whitgift WisePay Notifier' in both design and functionality.
Source Code, Back-end (GitHub) | Source Code, Android (GitHub) | Google Play

August 2014

Four Beat Tempo / Java/Android SDK

Four Beat Tempo is a simple, ad-free Android app to convert the time between taps into beats per minute. All you have to do is to tap the beat four times for the tempo to display on the screen.
Source Code (GitHub) | Google Play

June 2014

Simple WisePay / PHP/Laravel

Simple WisePay a web application designed for students of Whitgift School to check and be notified of their lunch/tuck balances. The application works by logging into WisePay as the user, scraping the balances, and notifying the user if the user chooses to.
Source Code (GitHub)

July 2013

Whitgift WisePay Notifier / VB.NET

Whitgift WisePay Notifier is a Windows application which allows a user to view the School Meal and Tuck Shop balances on the user's WisePay account. If the balances go below a user-specified threshold, it will notify the user. The application is designed to run in the background with minimal impact on system resources.
Source Code (GitHub)

Professional Work

July/August 2015

Aer / PHP/Laravel

Built during the Leangap Class of 2015 (see Achievements/Scholarships), Aer is a crowdfunding platform where users can find non-profit causes they can be part of by donating items. Working as the lead developer, I worked with PHP, Laravel and ElasticSearch.

August 2014

NDA / PHP/Laravel

This web application was built from scratch to meet the needs of the client, which included separate panels for clients and administrators, a support ticket system and a PayPal/CoinPayments IPN controller to automate the delivery for digital goods.

February 2013

Surrey Structures / HTML/CSS

Work involved using HTML and CSS to customise a website template towards Surrey Structures' needs.

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