Hi, I’m an aspiring software engineer and student from London, UK. I study MEng Computing at Imperial College London.

If you’re a recruiter, take a look at my CV. You can also find more details about me and my projects below. I also post on my blog every now and then. Also, check out my GitHub!

You can get in touch with me via email or tweet me @KelvZhan. Other places to find me: Keybase (also to find my GPG key), LinkedIn and Facebook.

About me

My main interest is software engineering. I have been programming from a young age, with most of my early work involving building web applications with the Laravel framework. My interest in system software has developed over the past few years, especially in the field of distributed and scalable systems. In my more recent projects, I’ve explored newer languages, including Dart, Kotlin and Go (which I’m particularly fond of).

From recent projects and work, some interesting things I’ve done include:

I also hold a casual interest in infosec. I love listening to talks, keeping up to date with recent events, and improving my own cybersecurity skills. I have also participated in bug bounties (including Facebook and eBay’s) and CTFs.

I also quite regularly attend hackathons, so you may see me around at them. Outside of computing, I play fives (squash, but with your hands!) and enjoy reading sci-fi novels.