Notable past projects from my secondary school and early university years. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more recent, leadership and volunteering oriented work.

The below offers a glimpse into my early programming journey. I still vividly remember finding my first programming book at aged ten (Visual Basic for Dummies), building my first Android app in 2014, going to my first hackathon (MLH Launch Hack) the same October, followed by building my first mock-startup in a summer camp in Boston at Leangap in 2015.

You can find 50+ other projects on GitHub, but do bear in mind that the majority of these were built before university, at a time where my focus was solely on coding, contrasting against my current focus of developing well-rounded software engineering and leadership skills.

  • swanntoolsGo + Lua
    January 2017 - September 2017

    Reverse engineering and building capture tools for the Swann DVR4-1200. Involved finding vulnerabilities, writing detection scripts and building a software abstraction layer to replace the DVR's client interface.

  • Timetable PusherC (Pebble SDK) + PHP/Laravel
    January 2017 - June 2018

    Watch-app allowing students to view their lesson timetables on their Pebble smartwatch. Includes a backend for interfacing with Pebble's servers. 2000 users and counting.

  • AlphaBrickPHP/Laravel + JS + Python
    June 2016

    Winning the first place prize at the Cambridge Bio-Hackathon, a five day hackathon with a synthetic biology focus, AlphaBrick makes cloud labs more accessible through an intuitive interface and integration with cloud laboratories.

  • lifx-jasperPython/Jasper Module
    August 2015

    lifx-jasper is a module for Jasper, a voice-based home automation platform, which allows a user to control their LIFX lights using their voice.

  • Balances for Whitgift SchoolPHP/Laravel, Java/Android SDK
    February 2015 - July 2017

    Balances for Whitgift School is an unofficial Android app (with a PHP/Laravel backend) designed for students and parents of Whitgift School to check their catering balances and be notified if the balances are low.