Below is a list of my personal projects. For work-related projects, please see my CV.

swanntools / Go + Lua

January 2017 - Current

Reverse engineering and building capture tools for the Swann DVR4-1200. Involved finding vulnerabilities, writing detection scripts and building a software abstraction layer to replace the DVR’s client interface.

Timetable Pusher / C (Pebble SDK) + PHP/Laravel

January 2017 - Current

Watch-app allowing students to view their lesson timetables on their Pebble smartwatch. Includes a backend for interfacing with Pebble’s servers. 2000 users and counting.

AlphaBrick / PHP/Laravel + JS + Python

June 2016

Winning the first place prize at the Cambridge Bio-Hackathon, a five day hackathon with a synthetic biology focus, AlphaBrick makes cloud labs more accessible through an intuitive interface and integration with cloud laboratories.

Beacon / Java/Android SDK

March 2016

Beacon is an app which lets parents track the locations of their children and view their children’s SMS messages. This was built during the Qredo Hackathon and won the first place prize.

Flook / PHP/Laravel

September 2015

Flook is a search engine for 3D files which allows the user to interact with the 3D model inside the browser. This was developed during HackGenY London 2015 and won the Autodesk prize and third place prize.

lifx-jasper / Python/Jasper Module

August 2015

lifx-jasper is a module for Jasper, a voice-based home automation platform, which allows a user to control their LIFX lights using their voice.

lifx-php / PHP/Laravel

June 2015

lifx-php is a PHP package for the LIFX HTTP API.

articlebot / Python

June 2015

articlebot is a Reddit bot which scrapes articles from chosen subreddits and posts the article in the comments.

Metrics / PHP/Laravel

May 2015

Created during AngelHack London 2015, Metrics is a web application which uses the HP IDOL On Demand API to scrape news articles and Twitter feeds for a particular keyword (i.e., company name) and performs sentimental analysis in order to find trends in the positivity of the authors’ comments. / HTML/CSS/JavaScript

February 2015 is a simple website which lets students of Whitgift School check whether it is A week or B week.

Balances for Whitgift School / PHP/Laravel, Java/Android SDK

February 2015 - July 2017

Balances for Whitgift School is an unofficial Android app (with a PHP/Laravel backend) designed for students and parents of Whitgift School to check their catering balances and be notified if the balances are low.

Four Beat Tempo / Java/Android SDK

August 2014

My first ever Android app, Four Beat Tempo is a simple, ad-free Android app to convert the time between taps into beats per minute. Users tap on the screen along with the beat; the app calculates and displays the tempo.